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London Training Services

“The 20th century gave us the computer age, and it’s apparent that the 21st century will see business changing more rapidly than ever before. In order to survive, businesses need to look beyond their own national borders”. 

Darren Windsor, CEO of London Training Services


At London Training Services we specialise in delivering a wide range of training courses to businesses across the world. With years of experience, we can help your business to grow – both nationally and internationally.

We combine our extensive and varied personal experiences at the highest corporate levels, with a profound academic and practical understanding of the concepts of sound business, banking and finance management.

Our use of visual technology during presentations prompts a new level of understanding and insight, engaging participants and revitalising the experience of professional training.

Our unique combination of experience, knowledge and content delivery, makes business, finance and management concepts and theory come alive, leaving participants informed, confident and eager to learn more.

Our post training mentoring service ensures that the training presented is followed through actively into the workplace and translated into tangible positive results for both individuals and companies.

Above all, at London Training Services, we are committed to providing a unique, quality and relevant portfolio of training courses which allow all participants to progress to success in an immediate, profound and far-reaching way.